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Operating Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 22.00
Sunday and public holidays: 11.00 - 19.00


Tel.: 0030 25510 89711
Fax: 0030 25510 89119
Email: [email protected] 

SPA Behaviour codes

1. Please turn off your mobile phones and place them in your locker for the duration of your stay in the Spa. Avoid consumption of alcohol or food for at least 2 hours before treatment or your wellness schedule. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all areas of Thraki Thalaso and Wellness Spa.

2. Guided tours of the Spa are conducted with an appointment and at specific times during the operating hours of the Spa.

3. Cancellation: We understand that it may be impossible for you to keep your appointment due to an engagement. Please contact the Spa reception 4 hours in advance to cancel your appointment for a la carte therapy and 24 hours previously for package treatment, otherwise there will be a charge of 50% of the cost of the therapy. Failure to inform us or to arrive for your appointment will result in your credit card being fully charged.

4. Waiting Lists: Should the time you wish for treatment not be available, you will be put on a waiting list and will be informed as soon as a time is available.

5. Age limit: Admission is limited to people aged 16 and over for all areas of the Thalasso and Wellness Spa. In the case of special swimming pool activities, children under 16 must be accompanied by their parents.

6. Arrival: We recommend arriving at the Spa at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to have time to fill in the general questionnaire about your health and life style on your first visit, to get undressed in the changing rooms, to have a shower and to take advantage of our facilities. If you arrive late, you will not be able to really enjoy our facilities and therapy time will be shortened.

7. What to wear: We will supply you with a towel for the gym, a towel for the bath and the pool, a bathrobe, disposable slippers and personal locker for your personal belongings. In order to use the gym, you are required to wear a tracksuit and trainers. A swimming costume is obligatory if you undergo a cycle of hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy, for the use of the Thermal Spa Suite, the Rasul and hydrotherapy treatment. Disposable underwear is available for all forms of therapy. Hotel residents may arrive in their bathrobes wearing a swimming costume or underwear.

8. Before treatment: We recommend you leave your personal belongings the locker and that you keep the key on your person afterwards. A shower is obligatory before each treatment. Women should not shave before undergoing an exfoliation treatment nor wear makeup and men must shave before facial treatment. Exfoliation treatment is to be avoided if you have been burned by the sun.

9. During treatment: Most body treatments are carried out without underwear. The therapist will leave you to get undressed in the cubicle, you may wear the disposable underwear if necessary and during treatment the parts of the body not affected are covered by a towel or cover. The therapist will ask you before and during treatment what you require. Inform them if you require more or less pressure in the massage, about the volume and type of music you desire as well as about the temperature in the cubicle etc. If you wish to talk, please do so and the therapist will clear up any doubts. If you do not wish to talk, the therapist will comply.

10. After therapy: Enjoy to the full the absolute spa experience. After treatment relax and enjoy a glass of cool water and lemon, a hot drink and in the summer months, enjoy our marvellous garden with its waterfalls. Be careful in the sun after certain types of treatment. If you have exfoliation or massage with oils, avoid exposure to the sun for 12 hours.

11. Gift voucher; All of our therapy and products are included in the form of gift vouchers. We are at your disposal if you need help choosing the best gift for your loved ones. We would inform you that every gift token is redeemable only for therapy and products and cannot be exchanged for cash. Every gift voucher is valid only for the dates stated on the voucher.