1. Massage with Essential Oils (relaxing massage)
    A massage especially made especially for you. Discover the ancient healing powers of botanies and live a unique aromatherapy experience adjusted to your needs. You can choose one of the mixtures of essential oils for relaxation, energy, rejuvenation or muscle pains.

    duration 55’ or 25’  €60 or  €35

  2. Thai Massage
    Thai massage is a mixture of Chinese and Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and is a holistic treatment of body and mind. It is performed with light clothing and with pressure points, stretching and muscle relaxation techniques, among others, restores the body in harmony and improves flexibility and that is what makes it unique. It is no coincidence that it has been practiced for over 1500 years!
    duration 45’ not available this period of time

  3. Hot Stone Massage
    Massage with water-heated smooth stones of various sizes on key points on the body. A unique experience. In combination with suitable special oils, this treatment provides you calmness and balanced flow of positive energy, helps you release the body stress, totally relaxing for the muscles.

    duration 50’  €70 (2pcs €120)

  4. Lava Shells Tropical Massage
    Enjoy a tropical massage with real shells of the Pacific Ocean that manifest naturally calcium ions, which are transported directly to the skin through the action of heat. While the shells, hot roll alternately to your body with strong and gentle pressures, they eliminate muscle tension, calm the nervous system, enhance blood circulation and lymph.

    A soft and subtle hint of exotic fruits, rich in Vitamin E, the oil massage soothes, nourishes and brightens your skin. The uniqueness of Lava Shells Massage is the power of heat, touch and scent. The receptivity between the therapist and client creates an immersive experience.

    duration 55’ €80 (2pcs €140)

  5. Candle Massage

    Through a lovely perfumed ambiance, the massage out of hot candles creates an unmemorable experience. The subtle creamy hot candle slides over the body nourishing deeply the skin, while a combination of various massage pressures, stretches and continuous movements, relaxes the muscular system, stimulates the blood microcirculation helping the body to eliminate all the daily stress by inviting you into a joyful sensorial escape.

    You have but to choose among 2 different natural perfumes, Douceur d’Orient with sandalwood – orange for a complete relaxation and harmonization of senses and Charm of Andalusia,    with citrus –sunflower, vetiver, for relaxation – revivification of soul, body and mind..

    duration 55’ €70 (2pcs €120)

  6. Aroma Massage Face and Body 

        Relaxing massage all over the body and face with natural apricot oil and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs, which act with healing abilities properly selected to meet your personal                needs. Relieves headaches, migraines, gives energy and releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

        duration 75’ €90 (2pcs €160)

     7. Sports Massage

         A type of massage that is addressed to athletes but also to people who exercise regularly. With deeper tissue massage techniques you will significantly help your muscles to recover after           a hard workout or race. You will protect their elasticity and avoid injuries resulting from the accumulated tension. Talk to our specialist therapist about the points you want to focus on               and give your body the reward it deserves.

         duration 45’ €50

     8. Therapeutic Massage

         Our specialized therapist, having all the necessary information for the health problem that you want to face, among others, and with the enjoyable process of massage, from you and                 your doctor, performs the appropriate massage protocol for your case.

         duration 30’  €40 




Thursday, August 12, 2021