1. Deep Cleansing & Detox Treatment
    Facial cleansing with steam and a special detox treatment with the care of the blue cosmetics for every type of skin.
    Duration 90’, €70
  2. Soin Hydratant et eclat
    The coexistence of the rich marine power into a treatment for rejuvenation, radiance and hydration of the skin. The treatment can be easily adapted to your personal needs.
    Duration 45’, €45
  3. Contour Radieux (Radiant Eye Contour)
    An anti-wrinkled eye treatment with collagen’s marine elements and elastin. It soothes the wrinkles to the eye contour and helps in decreasing the edemas and the black circles.
    Duration: 45’, €50
  4. Perles D’Eau De Mer (Seawater Pearls)
    An intense moisturizing, reinvigorating facial treatment for cellular rejuvenation with marine calcium and seawater pearls. In the midst of the treatment enjoy a massage with marine alginated bolus and Gigartina (red algae) on the face and decollete. A treatment rich in marine sugars, minerals and trace elements which enhances cell cohesion, provides instant and long-lasting hydration helping improve the quality of the skin.
    Duration: 60’, €75
  5. Douceur Marine
    An ideal treatment for a sensitive skin that calms and relieves immediately. It acts instantly to the irritations due to the great composition of soothing ingredients.
    Water for the sea sources, algae sugars, coral extracts are improving the microcirculation, reassuring a smooth and fresh skin.
    Duration: 60’, €60
  6. Souffle Marin (Marine Breeze)
    The Marine Breeze treatment regulates the imperfections of the combination skin allowing to regain her complete radiance. The skin is deeply cleansed and detoxified.
    Duration: 60’, €75
  7. Intention Jeunesse (Extended Youth)
    An anti-wrinkle – firming treatment that increases the resistance of the skin giving an extended youth. The marine macromolecules contribute to the cells restructure and to the collagen’s and elastin’s reproduction as well. The sea retinol and the hyaluronic restore the aspect of youth setting off your facial characteristics. An effective radiant-firming and smoothing wrinkles treatment with 100% of natural – drastic ingredients of the marine resources – which reinvigorate your skin, against the deterioration of time.
    Duration: 60’, €80
  8. WISH PRO by SYNOIA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The aesthetic revolution is here!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WISHPro is an innovative skin treatment device that combines four different proven technologies. Together with advanced cosmetic capsules- you can see results in only 15 minutes of non-invasive treatment. Your skin will be rejuvenated, more radiant, moisturized and look firmer and healthier. Choose your capsule, love the results!
  9. MANI - PEDI

     Manicure €15 / Semi-permanent €20 

     Pedicure €25 / Semi-permanent €30


Thursday, August 12, 2021