1. Voile De Satin (Shimmer Satin Treatment)
    We proceed in a deep cleansing with salts, corals and hazelnut oils, coconut oil, soya, nut and Oligomer (solidified sea). Then apply a cream with a cocktail of marine ingredients to the full body that restore the aquatic tone to your skin and it prepares it to be safely exposed to the sun.
    Duration: 45’, €55
  2. Modelage Dos Detox (Detox Back Massage)
    This treatment faces and soothes back, neck, waist and arms pains. After a deep skin cleansing apply a effervescent sea mud mask that creates a thousands of microcapsules which release active sea ingredients capable of facing the aches and the tensed muscles. A healing massage follows to this particular part of the body.
    Duration 60’ , €65
  3. Boue Marin Autochauffant (Sea Self – heating Mud – Cocon Detox)
    A treatment that palliates – calms and moisturizes the skin after a long exposure to the sun. A real source of hydration and rejuvenation, this treatment with sea lavender extracts, Pheohydrane, and Marine Spring Water gives an immediate refreshed effect to the dry and dehydrated skin.
    Duration 60’, €75
  4. Sculpteur Integral (Essential Sculpting Care)
    The ultimate contouring performance for a complete contouring and cellulite action with extraordinary results. A targeted treatment for abs – buttocks – thighs for a sculpting action and a visible eliminated effect of cellulite from the very 1st beauty treatment.
    Duration 60’, €85
  5. Seatonic Firming Body Wrap Gel
    Exfoliation throughout the body with a massage from the feet to the neck and body mask in the form of a gel with extracts of Chlorellas trace elements and amino acids stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, restoring the elasticity of the skin, toning and tightening.
    The treatment is completed by the application of firming and a refreshing sense of marine wellness and energy.                                                                      Duration 60’, €60
  6. Spa Thalasso Full Body
    All the benefits of the Spa Thalasso into one and only treatment. An original full thalassotherapy with the most beneficial varieties of algae such as – Spirulina – Focus Powder – Palmaria Palmata - Chondrus Crispus activate the metabolism, detoxify, and give back to the skin its radiance and smoothness. It nourishes and keeps healthy the skin with its lypolytic and anticellular action.
    The advantages of this treatment are multiple for the organism and skin due to the absolute similarity to its synthesis with the sea water and the human organism (Plankton – Plasma blood).
    In an ambiance of marine breeze, an exfoliation for deep skin cleansing, mask thalassotherapy.
    Applying a product with massage and warm – wet towel that hug your body and invite you to a dynamic dive into the magical underwater world.
    Duration 60’, €75
  7. WISH PRO by SYNOIA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The aesthetic revolution is here!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WISHPro is an innovative skin treatment device that combines four different proven technologies. Together with advanced cosmetic capsules- you can see results in only 15 minutes of non-invasive treatment. Your skin will be rejuvenated, more radiant, moisturized and look firmer and healthier. Choose your capsule, love the results!
  8. MANI - PEDI

           Manicure €15 / Semi-permanent €20 

           Pedicure €25 / Semi-permanent €30

      9. HAIR SALON




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