Specialized nutritional, dietary programmes are drawn up and combined with exercise and the application of specialized products through treatment for weight loss, firming and anti ageing after personal evaluation and are directed at all clients who want a better body or healthier way of life.

Modern medical apparatus offer quick and scientific results.


A) SRA & ST - Photo regeneration and Firming and Toning

Get rid of skin discolouration or blemishes with the application of IPL - Photo regeneration and repair the signs of ageing on your face with the application of ST - Firming.

B) VELA SHAPE II - Weight Loss, Firming and Cellulite

The latest trend in weight loss technology. Within 5 sessions, the combination of bipolar radio frequency - infra red - negative pressure with suction and mechanical massage brings about a loss of some centimetres from the crucial points, thus firming and limiting cellulite.